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Who We Are

We are Red Flip Inc. Red Flip Inc are a game making company that are based around creating 2D and 3D games. The games we create are Catch The Points (CTP), Platform Jump Reset, Undead Visitors, Catch The Points Remastered, Hotel Reaped and Clown Town. You can download our games when they are released by checking our downloads section regularly. Also download our mobile news app at

We wont just be designing Catch The Points, Catch The Points Remastered and Undead Visitors (Zombie Ownage) we will also be designing more games that will be 3D and 2D.

If you would like to report any bugs in our games email us at [email protected] or you can tweet us and tell us the problem you have found in our game. Or you have a mobile and you have our application you can go on our Form page and report any problems on that.