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We are Red Flip Inc. Red Flip Inc are a game making company that are based around creating 2D and 3D games. The games we create are Catch The Points (CTP), Platform Jump Reset, Undead Visitors, Catch The Points Remastered, Hotel Reaped and Clown Town. You can download our games when they are released by checking our downloads section regularly. Also download our mobile news app at
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Important Notice

  • Game files have been lost for Catch The Points, Catch The Points Remastered, Platform Jump Reset, Undead Visitors, Project RP, Hotel Reaped and Clown Town - Backup files will be used and updated

  • Original game files for Catch The Points (Now Catch The Points Remastered) and Platform Jump (Now Platform Jump Reset) have been found and will be released soon.
  • Catch The Points (Won't Be Abandoned)

Catch The Points (CTP) is our first game we released to public. Download Catch The Points Now. (Released on 17/03/2014)

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  • Platform Jump Reset (Coming Soon)

    Platform Jump Reset is a game all about platforms. You must not get hit by the ghosts that fly around the map and collect the gold coins.

    (Coming After Release)


  • Undead Visitors (Update Released 17/10/2014)

    Undead Visitors is all about survival. To survive the 2D zombie game just shoot and move. Simple right? (Released on 20/06/2014)

Coming Soon (OS X Version)
  • Project RP (Unknown)
Project RP is a work in progress RPG game.
(Coming After Release)
  • Hotel Reaped (Unknown)
The game will be a Horror game based in a Forest and a Hotel, the character will have to walk through the forest to find the Hotel while following the Cobblestone road with low visibility due to fog.

  • Clown Town (Unknown)
Clown Town is a horror game first designed by Liberty Graphics before abandonment, we have taken over the project and will be creating the game with a story line designed Liberty Graphics.
(Coming After Release)
Below is a design idea of the Main Menu